Body cameras are small devices which are used to record the interactions between the general public and the law enforcement officers. Recordings of these encounters can be used by the Agencies to demonstrate transparencies to the community. It can also be used to record statements and observations as well as any other evidence which might point towards a crime scene. Also it is a great way of recording and professional is legal and inappropriate behaviour both on the part of the law enforcement and the general public.

How do body cameras work?

A body camera comprises of a Technology in the form of a small camera which is usually placed on the officers uniform. It could also be placed on the shoulder, on the sunglasses or their hat. It has a forward facing view.

Where it is to be mounted depends upon the kind of uniform worn by the officer and how their uniforms change throughout the year for example in summer and winter. Additional accessories are used to ensure that the camera is positioned the right way and securely attached so that the officer can carry out their mission without any hassle.

There are different kinds of cameras which provide the user with different options for example these might come with a push to record or touchscreen controls. Some cameras also have an automatic video and audio feed and playback in field. All the evidence is uploaded onto a local storage device for example a server or through any online digital media storage platform where the evidence is encrypted and managed.

Body worn cameras differ from dashboard cameras which are simply fixed to the vehicle and only capture video which can be seen from the front of it. However a body worn camera provides the officer with technology wherever they go for example they can document the entire event. Also body cameras come with stored audio recording Technology so that the whole interaction between the law enforcement official and the person is heard clearly.

A number of law enforcement agencies in Australia have initiated the body camera programs. Although the experimentation with this cameras have been going on for a long time it is now only that these have become quite popular with the law enforcement agencies.

Advantages of body cameras

Body cameras from Comvision Australia record evidence can be used by the law officials to improve the community trust and provide transparency and accountability for all the actions. These body cameras are also beneficial for the officers who use these because they provide an extra layer of safety. The videos which are reproduced from the memory of the cameras can be used to assist the prosecution during criminal cases or to assist and review any members complaint against the officer. Use of body cameras has led to a reduction in crime and police generated incidents along with assault against the police personnel. A large number of people in the community support the body camera Technology because it helps them feel safer and more secure in their environment.